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MVP™ 18 LED Video Wall Panel


MVP™ 18 is a bright, versatile, and cost-effective modular video panel with a pixel pitch of 18.75 millimeters. Due to the panel’s transparency of 38 percent, pass-through atmospheric elements can add dimension and interest to your show. A wide viewing angle and the color consistency afforded by calibrated tri-colored SMD LEDs ensure camera-ready image quality.


• Lightweight and modular system for medium-resolution graphics
• Easy installation and connectivity using Neutrik® powerCON® and etherCON® connectors
• Perfect product for long term installation 
• Interchangeable with the MVP™ 12 and MVP™ 37.5 panels to create large wall designs
• Tri-color SMD LEDs provide better image quality and wider viewing angle
• Designed for temporary outdoors use and can be viewed during daylight operation


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• Pixel pitch: 18.75 mm
• Compatible mounting options: MVP™ Rig Kit (truss moutning), or M10 bolt/clamp (rear mounting)
• Pixels / screen: 32 x 32 (1,024 total)
• Pixel density: 2844/m2
• Transparency: 38%
• Display rate: 400 Hz (flicker-free)
• Light source: Tri-color SMD 5050 LEDs 50,000 hrs
• Color wavelengths: Red: 622~627 nm; green: 520~525 nm; blue: 465~470 nm
• Housing material: Aluminum alloy
• Viewing angle: 140°
• Illuminance: 4,300 NITS
• IP rating: IP 54, temporary outdoor use
• Included etherCON® & powerCON® cable length: 0.4 M
• Power linking: 12 units @ 230 V
• Input voltage: Auto-ranging 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
• Power and current: 144 W, 0.67 A @ 230 V 50 Hz
• Weight: 7 kg
• Size: 600 x 600 x 60 mm
• Approvals: CE, ROHS

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